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Honing Large Diameter Bores

The customer required the honing of a varying range of both internal diameters and lengths…

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In-situ steam valve seat and gasket face repair

A critical high pressure steam control valve failed on the eve of the Anzac Day holiday weekend. The valve had…

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In-situ Line Boring : Coal Dredge Bucket Brackets

To safely and cost effectively repair the pin holes that retain the cutter and pre cutter dredge buckets, ….

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Crusher Swing Jaw Repair

The bearing on the swing jaw of a key piece of operational equipment in a large quarry was …

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Time Critical Paper Machine Upgrade

The Yankee dryer creping doctor blade assembly on the tissue machine was scheduled to be replaced during …

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Safe-set fluid shear coupling repair

A critical safety system coupling failed in service, all spares were exhausted and a replacement unit would have previously…

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Design & Fabrication of a SS Fish Fillet Press

The design and fabrication of a corrosion resistant, stainless steel, fish fillet press was thought to be…

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Boom Repair

Repair a major crack failure in a boom in the shortest time frame and ensure the repair corrects the root cause ..

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